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Surveying Fees

For $250 to $350 + GST  we can provide a firm price to carry out the Survey you require. This allows our experienced staff to obtain the full Titles Office search for the area in question. Complicated tenure issues require more intensive research and a customised fee can be supplied on request.

The fees will depend on the particular type of survey to be completed. For example, Identification Surveys which involves the re-pegging of existing Titles would cost between $1,200.00 and $2,400.00 + GST for 80% of the typical house lots in Ipswich. This includes the preparation and lodgement of an Identification Survey Plan in the Titles Office.

Other surveys include: Mapping Survey, Contour and Detail Survey, Set out Survey for Construction, Flood Level Survey, Certification Survey, Lease Survey for commercial or industrial premises and As Constructed Survey (for completed pipes, roads and other infrastructure).

Planning Fees

For $500 + GST we can start a planning review constituting initial advice about the potential for development of your property. This is usually undertaken in a 5 to 10 business day period and is often referred to as a ‘Desk-top Audit’. This initial bit of homework allows our experienced staff a little time to understand some of the key concerns that will need to be addressed when lodging a Development Application.

Overall fees for preparing planning applications are based on:

  • The level of assessment for the application to Council (Code or Impact);
  • The number of Planning Scheme Codes to be addressed;
  • Whether a Site Plan is required; and
  • The number of Sub-consultant Reports required.

Management of Development Conditions

Baird & Hayes are experienced managers of the development conditions that must be fulfilled as part of any Development Permit issued by a Local Government. We can quickly and professionally:

  • Obtain quotations and advice from sub-consultants;
  • Liaise with sub-consultants and contractors;
  • Negotiate/deal with service providers (QUU, NBN, Energex, etc.);
  • Finalise the ‘compliance package’ for Council review, signing and sealing of documents.


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