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Surveying Fees

The fees will depend on the particular type of survey to be completed. For example, Identification Surveys which involves the re-pegging of existing Titles would cost between $1,200.00 and $2,400.00 + GST for 80% of the typical house lots in Ipswich. This includes the preparation and lodgement of an Identification Survey Plan in the Titles Office.

Other surveys include: Mapping Survey, Set out Survey for Construction, Flood Survey, Certification Survey, Lease Survey for commercial or industrial premises and As Constructed Survey (for completed pipes, roads and other infrastructure).

A firm price can be supplied for a Survey if we obtain the full Titles Office search for the area in question. The research to determine the cost of Survey typically costs between $250.00 and $350.00 + GST for most jobs.

Complicated tenure issues require more intensive research and a customised fee can be supplied on request.

Planning Fees

Our fees for preparing planning applications are based on:

  • The level of assessment for the application to Council (Code or Impact);
  • The number of Planning Scheme Codes to be addressed;
  • Whether a Site Plan is required; and
  • The number of Sub-consultant Reports required.

Planning reviews constituting initial advice about the potential for development can be determined for $500.00 + GST. This normally takes 5 to 10 business days to prepare and will result in a ‘where to from here’ including necessary Survey and Planning costs up to lodgement of the Development Application to Council.

Management of Development Conditions

Baird & Hayes are experienced managers of the development conditions that must be fulfilled as part of any Development Permit issued by a Local Government. We can quickly and professionally:

  • Obtain quotations and advice from sub-consultants;
  • Liaise with sub-consultants and contractors;
  • Negotiate/deal with service providers (QUU, NBN, Energex, etc.);
  • Finalise the ‘compliance package’ for Council review, signing and sealing of documents.


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