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Business Address
  • Bartlefrere, 77 Roderick Street, Ipswich QLD 4305
  • (07) 3812 2076
  • (07) 3812 1614
  • info@bairdandhayes.com.au
  • Postal Address
    Post Office Box 867
    Ipswich QLD 4305


Welcome To Baird and Hayes – Surveying & Town Planning

Baird and Hayes are an integrated team of surveyors and town planners providing a co-ordinated approach to each and every development project.

We provide advice and professional services for all types of subdivisions and a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial projects, including the rural and mining development sectors. We pride ourselves in offering a personalised and friendly service and in ensuring that projects are well managed through regulatory processes to practical completion. We understand the importance of limiting project costs and managing approvals within the statutory timeframes.

The practise was formed in 1946 by local Ipswich surveyor Ken Baird. Keith Hayes joined in the 1950’s and the practice quickly built a reputation for technical excellence and dedicated professionalism as well as good old fashioned service. This tradition continues today in our motto of QUALITY, VALUE, SERVICE, and FRIENDLINESS.


Peter Henry is the owner and principal of Baird and Hayes. He has been with Baird and Hayes for 25 years and has a wide experience in all tenure/title matters, development processes and all aspects of the industry.


It is our belief at Baird and Hayes that any owner of property cannot be too well informed as to their rights and potential uses of their land. We provide cost effective advice to maintain the value of your property.


We are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications, and also provide planning advice and prepare planning applications for a range of smaller projects.

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