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Subdivision of land - how much/how to?

A subdivision should be managed by surveyors and town planners who can get results. We collaborate, consult and guide your project from start to finish.

Subdivision – So you’ve got a big back yard? What next?

Subdivision – So you’ve got a big back yard? Think you can fit another house/lot? What next?

We get this general enquiry often, here at Baird & Hayes, and we know that the first question people have is “HOW MUCH?”

Elsewhere on this website (check out our FAQs here, or our FEES here) touches on some of the matters you need to be aware of when commencing a Subdivision Development. If you’re all ready to go, contact us now and we can run through the immediate costs and outlays. Otherwise, continue reading below…

Subdivision (for example, 1 lot into 2 lots) happens in 3 major parts:

  • 1.0 Application to Local Council

    1.1 Initial Search and Advice
    1.2 Preparation of Proposed Layout
    1.3 Preparation of the Planning Report
    1.4 Preparation of the Application Form/s
    1.5 Payment of Council’s Application Fees

  • 2.0 Council Assessment, Decision Notice and Conditions

    2.1 Information Request
    2.2 Referral to State Gov. Agencies
    2.3 Response to Information Request
    2.4 Public Notification (if required)
    2.5 Decision Notice
    2.6 Completion of Conditions
    – Infrastructure Charges, Cash Payments to Council and/or Service Providers
    – Physical works, e.g., driveways, pipes and services
    – Title Survey
    – Compliance Report and Survey Plan Submission to Council
    – Signed/Endorsed Survey Plan returned from Council

  • 3.0 Titles Registration

    3.1 Bank / Mortgagee’s Consent
    3.2 Stamp Duties if applicable
    3.3 Issue of new Titles

Total costs between $50,000 and $100,000 for 80% of all 1 lot into 2 lot subdivisions.


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